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Description of License Plate Math 2.0:
License Plate Math is a fun game you can play on the road as well as on the computer. There is a virtually unlimited number of math puzzles, with 3 ways to play: the standard 10 problem game, in which you are presented with 10 problems; or the Time Trial, in which you are given about 2 minutes to answer as many quesThe 840 vocabulary words are divided into 42 lists of 20 words each. It is suggested that students master one word list at a time. The word list may be selected from the "Subject" menu at the top of the form.After selecting the appropriate word list, the player is ready to proceed to Level One. Level One, "Quizzes - Multiple-Choice," is the standard vocabulary quiz with which most students are familiar. Each vocabulary word has five multiple choice answers; the student must pick the correct one. Whether the student gets the answer correct or incorrect, the full definition of the word is provided for further study.After finishing Level One, a list of words will appear. The player can then mark the words that he or she doesn't know well enough. This word list will appear after each level except Level Four. At any point the student can choose to concentrate on his or her marked words by selecting "Marked Words" from the "Subject" menu. Level Two, "Quizzes - Multiple Choice With Definitions First," also has vocabulary quizzes. On this level however the definition is provided and the student must pick the word that best fits the definitioon.On Level Three, "Flip Cards - Supply The Definition," each vocabulary word is presented to the student. The student then must define the word to himself and hit the submit button. He then must compare his definition to the one provided, and score it on a scale from zero to five.On Level Four, "Matching," the student must match the ten words in column one with the ten definitions in column two by dragging and dropping. Hurry up! To receive the highest score of 100, you must complete all 20 matches in 60

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 2000

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