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XLPlot 4.00

The primary purpose of XLPlot is to create a figure rapidly and easily.


AlphaMaths 1.0

AlphaMaths is a totally free program which is user friendly, colorful and easy to use.

admaDIC Calculator

admaDIC Calculator 1.2.0

  • Shareware
  • 35.00$
  • 28-Apr-2013
  • 2.0 MB

The platform independent and visually optimized solution for your calculations

Visual Probability

Visual Probability 2.1

  • Shareware
  • 30.00$
  • 25-Apr-2013
  • 1.8 MB

Use Visual Probability to compute and graph probability density function values, cumulative distribution function values, quantile values, means and variances of ten more distributions.

Easy Matrix Calculator

Easy Matrix Calculator 5.3

Function: * Matrix inverse.

Do The Math

Do The Math 2.0

US to metric system conversion for length, area, mass volume and temperature.

MB Minor Expression Number

MB Minor Expression Number 1.0

MB Minor Expression Number is an extraordinary numerology software that finds your minor expression number and, in addition, lets you know the attributes of your minor expression numbers that is also often referred to as just expression number.

MB Rudraksha Numerology

MB Rudraksha Numerology 1.0

MB Rudraksha Numerology gives you the benefits of using Rudraksh beads based on numerology.

Muptiply Whole Numbers

Muptiply Whole Numbers 6.7

  • Shareware
  • 69.95$
  • 15-Apr-2013
  • 10.2 MB

Whole number and fraction computation.

MB Numerology Divination

MB Numerology Divination 1.0

MB Numerology Divination is a numerology based oracle that gives you a reading based on the number patterns of the dice.

Multiplication Game

Multiplication Game 1.1

Multiplication game is a small freeware game for kids to learn and revise multiplication tables.

SPSS Statistics

SPSS Statistics 20.0.0

  • Shareware
  • 2189.00$
  • 10-Apr-2013
  • 883.0 MB

Solve business and research problems using SPSS Statistics.


Graphmatica 2.2

powerful, easy-to-use, equation plotter with numerical and calculus features

Time for Tables

Time for Tables 1.1

  • Shareware
  • 19.95$
  • 06-Apr-2013
  • 35.7 MB

Knowing your Tables can be child's play with Time for Tables' games & exerci

MB Predictive Numerology

MB Predictive Numerology 1.0

MB Predictive Numerology is a wonderful software that lets you know if the time is good for you or not.

A-Converter 1.0SR1

A-Converter 1.0SR1 1.0

A-Converter is a handy utility, that can handle unit conversions in number of categories, such as Length, Volume, Area, Mass, Time and more.


PARI/GP 2.3.4

This is a useful algebra system

GMZ2 Generador de Problemas Matematicas

GMZ2 Generador de Problemas Matematicas 1.7

  • Shareware
  • 69.00$
  • 01-Apr-2013
  • 3.3 MB

GMZ2 Generador de problemas de Matematicas para Windows - Estudio y representacion de funciones.


Math-o-mir 1.7

The mathematical notepad.

GeoGebra for Mac

GeoGebra for Mac 4.2.18

GeoGebra for Mac is free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that joins geometry, algebra, tables, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package.