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Description of ZKanji 0.717 Beta 1.0:
zkanji is a free, open-source Japanese language learning tool and also a kanji and word dictionary software providing many useful features for those who are interested in the Japanese language. I've started making zkanji in the hope that it can help me study kanji and I hope that it will help others too. While I can't guarantee that it will do your studying for you, maybe you can use it to your benefit. FEATURES: -Find kanji characters by radical, radical at position, parts, readings, meanings, SKIP-code, Four Corner Code (with visual selection) and their numerical codes in the most known dictionaries. (using KANJIDIC). -Search the dictionary for words starting or ending with what you typed. (the dictionary uses JMdict). -Recognize 6355 kanji and kana written with a mouse or tablet. -Study kanji with words that contain them, using a spaced repetition system. Add new kanji to study each day for best results. -Browse through thousands of example sentences taken from the Tanaka Corpus. -Watch stroke order animations and numbered stroke order diagrams for over 6355 kanji (including all Jouyou and Jinmeiyou(=used in names) kanji.) -Use the popup dictionary feature to find translations quickly and then go back to what you were doing with very little distraction. -A convenient kanji look-up window that stays on top of other programs. Useful while reading something full-screen. Include one or more kanji mixed with kana in the search field of the dictionary. -Type an inflected/conjugated word and see what inflections altered the word. -The results are shown as you type, with the most common words at the top of the list. -Add words to vocabulary lists and test your knowledge with them. -For non-native English speakers: make your own searchable dictionary with your custom definitions and word types. Add custom meanings for kanji too. -User dictionary export and import. Useful when you want to build a dictionary in cooperation with someone else. Import vocabulary from Wakan to a custom user dictionary. -You don't need an IME (input method editor) to be installed, only at least one Japanese font.Release notes: New ReleaseTE Changes on the groups list interface. The panel with the groups' list was made wider and the list fills the available space when the group list part is resized. Maximized group name length to 255 characters and dictionary name length to 128 characters in every edit box.TE Fixed: access violation when trying to disable or enable the handwriting recognizer of a kanji edit box. Appears as a message box during long-term study testing even when not using the handwriting recognizer.TE Fixed: access violation when setting a new dictionary name in the "Add word to dictionary or group" dialog but selecting "No" in the query box shown.TE Fixed: invalid access in memory when connecting to the update server, and reading the header that was sent back.TE Fixed: incorrectly loading dictionary panel size on the main window.TE Fixed: when showing a message box or query window and switching away from the program and back, the window was hidden behind the program. [ ZKanji full changelog ]

Supported OS: Windows XP

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