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Raptivity MindPlay TurboPack 7.4

Description of Raptivity MindPlay TurboPack 7.4:
This optional MindPlay TurboPack contains 6 interaction models that let you accomplish learning outcomes with game shows and strategy board games. Raptivity MindPlay TurboPack includes a wide variety of game shows Feud Game Show, Answer or Deal and Grader Game show. Apart from these, there are strategy games such as Selection Strategy and 3D Block Roll. Features: Feud Game Shows: Many times you encounter questions that have multiple answers and each answer has varying relevance. You want the learner not only to provide the answers but also to get credit in proportion to his/ her ability to name the big ones. Feud Game Show is a way to accomplish this by assigning points to each of these answers reflecting their relevance. Answer or Deal? This game tests knowledge and confidence, by assigning full score to correct and confident answers, yet giving the learner a chance to score lower when not too sure about the answer. In this game, you ask your learner to randomly choose a box and then present a question. The learner does not get any hint for the questions but for each question, there is option to go for a deal which is of lower score value. If the learner is sure about the answer, he/ she does not opt for the deal and scores full score on correct answer. Grader Game Show: The Grader Game Show is a great way to test learners on multiple topics. Using this interaction, you can create clustering of related questions for each topic and ensure that you test your learners in sufficient depth for a particular topic. The learners do not get hints for all questions but they get limited level of assistance at topic level which makes the assessment more challenging. Selection Strategy: We often want our learners to choose from a pool of items. Selection Strategy makes selection exercise fun for learners. State a list of items to form a pool. The learners have to choose from this pool. Your learners have to choose the items by dragging dots of associated colors on the board. The learners get 10 attempts to solve this puzzle. The more number of attempts, the lesser is the score. 3D Block Roll: 3D Block Roll is an interesting way of presenting an assessment. The learner has to strategically move the block to correctly fit it in the squares and also have to answer the questions correctly to be able to move to next board and win the game. Answering the question correctly starts building a bridge between the boards. The learner has to visit all squares with coins and answer the questions correctly to build the bridge between boards and then move to the next board. Sequence Strategy: The Sequence Strategy is a great sequence building or prioritizing exercise. State the items which the learners have to put in right sequence. Your learners have to put in the sequence by dragging dots of associated colors on the board. The learners get 10 attempts to solve this puzzle. The more number of attempts, the lesser is the score.

Supported OS: Windows XP

System Req: 256 MB RAM

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